Every Director contributed to the growth and development of the philosophy Chetanalaya stood for and added his personality to it as they went on yielding place to newer personalities and their personal charismas.

Fr. Vincent Concessao

He was chosen by the Pope to be the Auxiliary Bishop of Delhi and then he was made the Archbishop of Agra. The Holy Father the Pope John Paul II appointed him to head the Archdiocese of Delhi. He headed many national and international offices most of which were centred round Development, Justice and Peace. He retired as the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Delhi in the year 2013 and now.

Fr. Samuel Williams

He was a pastor and a hardened missionary. His administrative talents were tested in Kanhei by the CCF. He brought his talents to Chetanalaya. He died on 16 February 2010. He slogged as if alone fought criticisms bravely. He died on 16 February 2010.

Fr. John Patrick

He was a communicator and teacher par excellence. He spoke always brief talks; his ideas were simple and clear. During his time seminars and training courses received new impetus. He used to conduct grassroots level seminar himself. He died on 15 May 2005.

Fr. Devdhas

He was instrumental in moving Chetanalaya from Khrist Raja to Bhai Vir Singh Marg. He stabilized Chetanalaya. During his time there was an upward movement with regard to progress. He finished his studies and doctorate in Hospital Administration and has migrated to the United States of America and is now its citizen.

Fr. Frederick D’Souza

He had an intimate knowledge of Chetanalaya movement and its philosophy. Even before he took over the reins of Development Justice and Peace, he was responsible for implementing many key projects. He went on to become the National Director of Caritas India. In this capacity he travels extensively spreading the message of development, justice and peace. As close associate of Fr. Vincent M. Concessao in developmental works in Resettlement Colonies he worked hard. He had an intimate grassroots level knowledge of the people and their problems. When he took over there was no Governing Body to guide him, he studied the situations and relationships of the Office for six months. He brought about a transparent administration and established democracy within.

Fr. Susai Sebastian

He was appointed as a Episcopal Vicar for the missions of the Archdiocese even while holding the office of the Director of Chetanalaya. As he lay down the office of Chetanalaya he moved to Kanhei Village in Haryana. His seasoned advice continues to enrich Chetanalaya. He contributed his guidance as the Forum Director of SSDNR ( Society for Social Development in the Northern Region) which comprises of different Diocesan Social Service Societies across the 5 states of the Northern Part of India until August 2013. He is currently the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Delhi and the Vice President of Chetanalaya as well.

Fr. Savari Raj

He continued the tradition of excellence in Chetanalaya. Expert in human resource development and relations with the Central as well as the State governments, he is humble and open to suggestions. After completion of his studies from Coady International Institute in Canada, he had been working as an administrator under the director Fr. Susai Sebastian and hence the transition has been smooth.

Fr. J. John Britto Xavier

With an association with Chetanalaya for more than a decade at various levels of Field/Administration/Management and Research in the Rural & Urban sector he has been given the responsibility of successfully carrying forward the work of Chetanalaya. He completed his MSW from Department of Social Work. He is leading the organization as the Director from September, 2017.

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  • Help Them to Help Themselves