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Students studying in school/college/university across globally, have to do internship at different organizations/industries/companies etc to fulfillment of their curriculum. They have to give their theoretical studies into practice. Internships help the students to get the Professional knowledge of working condition of organization, opportunity to interact with individuals, groups & communities. The school/college/university assigned objectives & activities to the students for the fulfillment of Internship programs also they have to take part in routine activities of the organization.

Chetanalaya provides opportunities for students to gain experience in their field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, network, or gain school/college/university credit. During the time of internship students will allotted in different Project areas of Chetanalaya. They can experience the living conditions of poor who living in slums of Delhi & villages of Haryana. After completion of the internship they would be given an internship completion certificate. During internship any misbehavior/malpractice of student will lead to taking action against student and informing the institution & respective authority.

Internship Students can work in the following thrust areas of Chetanalaya

  • Child rights
  • Promotion of education
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • SHG & Microfinance
  • Youth Development
  • Women empowerment
  • Environment
  • Community based rehabilitation
  • Domestic Workers Forum/Human Trafficking

Interested students are requested to send their complete internship details with objectives & activities of their internship from the respective authority to before 30 days of internship mentioning the Interning Period (Number of Days From & To). All students would be briefed of their assignment/responsibilities on the first day of their orientation.


Volunteers are idealistically motivated persons who want to devote some portion of their lives to serving others. It is personal wish/desire of the individual to do volunteer services to organization. Individual are coming for voluntary services to get self satisfaction for them.

Chetanalaya giving opportunities for volunteers like elderly, Ex- Service man, Retired officers and even currently working young people who would like to serve their free time as a part of volunteering. It is purely an unpaid service from the volunteers. The volunteers can spend their time with Chetanalaya in giving trainings, sessions to children, SHGs in different project areas; fundraising opportunities & can participate in community work etc. Chetanalaya will not provide any stipend/salary to volunteers. We expect volunteers behave in a professional and responsible manner during their time of their work with us in which they would be given a specific task of their interest which they can perform.

Interested volunteers can write to us on

  • Help Them to Help Themselves
  • Help Them to Help Themselves